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"Craft your vision, frame by frame. In filmmaking, passion is your guide, and every scene is a stroke of possibility. Aspire, create, and let your story unfold—your cinematic journey awaits."

About Us


Welcome to our Monthly Independent Film Festival! Our festival is designed to provide aspiring writers & filmmakers with a platform to showcase their talent and creativity in the field of filmmaking. Whether you’re an experienced filmmaker or a novice, we welcome all submissions from all genres, including drama, comedy, sci-fi, horror, and more. Winners and finalists will be awarded with Laurels and Certificates. Selected projects will be screened on our official website’s screening page. So, if you have a story to tell, we encourage you to submit your project and join us on this exciting journey!

What We Do

Script Symphony Award, based in India, is an exceptional online international film festival. We thoroughly assess every submission exclusively through FilmFreeway, emphasizing the promotion of scripts and films to a diverse audience. Our goal is to showcase the ingenuity of independent screenwriters and filmmakers, inspiring their dedication and creativity. We firmly believe that the script is the most influential element of any artistic endeavour and a creative filmmaker's touch can bring it to life. It’s time to share your vision with the world and let us guide you toward your objectives.

Unleash Scriptwriting and Filmmaking Power!

“Within the pages of a script, a universe awaits to be brought to life. Words transcend ink, and through filmmaking, ignite the imagination of both creator and audience, turning vision into vivid cinematic reality.”

Our Prestigious Laurels

Submission, Notification & Screening

We welcome creative projects from all genres through our FilmFreeway page. Following the close of the submission period, our expert jury members meticulously evaluate each Project. We ensure a prompt response to all candidates, providing updates on the status of their submissions.


Congratulations to all the Participants on your achievements!

Our Happy Participants!

This was an excelent festival to be involved with. My short animation, Buzzle and Twit won an award and I couldn't be happier.

Matt Bissett-Johnson (Director, Cartoon Artist & Producer)

Light me up / Five Lilies of the Vally /// boy_guitar selected at Script Symphony Award !! I am happy to be a part of this wonderful film festival.

Hiroaki Hirakata (Director)

I was thrilled by the organization, communication and the total experience. The festival also promoted the winners and the festival extensively and thoroughly on social media - great exposure. I'm very honored my screenplay, Richard Spong, was recognized as Best Feature Screenplay. Keep up the great work!

Terry Luke Podnar (Writer)

Fantastic festival. Communication was excellent; Will be my first port of call for future projects. Thank you for such a great experience.

Andrew Cahill-Lloyd (Writer)

Great Festival !! Thank you for all your time and efforts to make this an exciting event.

Brian McCarthy (Writer)

Thank you for the invite. Thank you for selecting my work as a Finalist.I look forward to submitting again to this festival.

Frank P Mancuso (Director & Writer)


Opening Date
June 15, 2024

LastBird Deadline

August 15, 2024

Notification Date

August 18, 2024

Screening Date

August 21 – 23, 2024